Whitecliffs Walkway, Taranaki

4th January 2021 – White Cliff’s walkway. Discovered I never got around to uploading this set. Walked up the cliffs, crossed the bridge over Wai Pingao Stream, continued up another hill then on route towards Katikatiaka Pa direction, track descends down a set of stairs then appears to abruptly end. Had to bush bash, ended […]

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Karekare Beach Loop

14th October 2017 – Karekare Beach Loop in the Waitakare Ranges. Will write up a more detailed trip report / route report one of these days. Zion Hill track on the day we did it is currently in a very muddy state.

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Whangarei Heads

3rd of June to 4th of June, Short overnight trip to Peach Cove Hut. With Carl Brett, Lina Zhou, Max Badran and myself. Including a short flat stroll around Whangarei Town Basin.

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Karekare Big Loop

4th September 2016 – Loop walk from Karekare, up Zion Hill. on to Odins Timber Track, through Orange Peel Corner, Walker Ridge Track, down to Pararaha Valley and back along the beach back to Karekare car park.

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