For my own consumption mainly.


Trying to consolidate kaha into, but not winning due to resource constraints.

The “Dot Com” domains will all be retained. to be given the flick. I’ve settled on fyoung (at) nui (dot) nz instead as my primary email domain — For practical purposes, will probably just keep it at that, rather than faffing around with domains. Will try and hock off at Sedo (or similar) for the lowest allowable listing price… Not in the “Domaining” industry. sounds better.

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Trying to manage additional themes and additional single post templates just seems like too much work at the moment. Lots of tutorials are just so far out of date as to be completely irrelevant for the current version of WordPress I’m using.  Plugins to assist with the process, while plenty, seem also out of date… It seems the WordPress plugin store, just like Oxwall’s store is littered with abandoned plugins.  Anyway, I’ve gone and messed around and edited various bits of the backend, and tweaked the .php to do what I want it to do acceptably.

At the moment, I would say, I think development on this site is now complete.  It’s ready to use as a personal homepage and all I need to do from here is actually use it (to catalogue my life, thoughts and any other things that come to mind.)



Drop outs and lag spikes still occurring, in fact, these appear to be getting worse by the month. Have submitted a ticket with Fast Comet support to try and get to the bottom of this. Have received an initial response saying they are investigating this for me.

If nothing comes out from this, will look to move this site back to Hole in the Wall Hosting. Expensive, but they have so far been the more reliable host I’ve used.


Drop outs and lag spikes weren’t imagined…

Is this normal for a shared hosting service?


Edited the carousel JavaScript code to make the displayed picture take up more of the screen when in slideshow mode.  Kind of bugged me having so much wasted space at the top and bottom.


Seems to be another mini outage / slow patch.  This time, affecting all browsers and all sites hosted on this shared server (where as last night, the slowness only affected one browser, being the Chrome Android browser)

Ideally to mitigate problems.  The photo gallery needs to stream.


Discovered Issues with site not loading completely in Google Chrome (under Android).  In fact, none of the pages would fully load and the loading process would hang mid way through.  Pingdom’s site load test reported no problems, and all the browsers on my desktop would access the site fine as well as the Android version of Firefox… It was just Google Chrome (for Android) for some reason.  The Windows Desktop Chrome browser was fine as well.

Suspect it could be the Photon component of Jetpack and have disabled the entire Jetpack plugin in the meantime to assess… Reviewing things, I may not need Jet pack anyway. After all it’s not a commercial site, only a personal site for myself really.  [2015/12/12] Testing again this morning indicates the problem has gone away for Google Chrome (for Android).  Was it Jetpack, I won’t know for certain until after say a few days.  Will briefly test accessibility over the next evenings and see if the issue comes back.


As I’ve mostly been using this domain ( as a personal website as opposed to an online small social group discussion / planning group, have changed from using Oxwall to WordPress.

Oxwall is pretty good as a simple and basic small group social networking tool.  However, no one (among my circles) really showed any interest in it, and I ended up repurposing Oxwall to use as a personal photo gallery.

That alone presented some challenges.  For some reason, while running oxwall, site loading would hang and it seems like it hung the whole (shared) server (Not just my site), as in, when my site was down, external up time services would report that the server in general is down.  That seems to have gone away since moving to WordPress.  Either that, very obscure coincidence.


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