Whanganui Journey

Whanganui Journey 11th February 2016 to 15th February 2016 – A magical canoeing trip along the Whanganui river with Blazing paddles.

A 5 day, 4 night Journey from Taumarunui to Papiriki covering a distance of approximately around 145 km.  2 Canadian Canoes and 1 single kayak (which I took).  Miraculously, despite the pre-trip warnings of expecting to capsize at least once, while there were definitely near misses (getting snagged on a strainer and taking on water or being thrown onto rocks while going around a sharp bend on rapids), We escaped capsizing

Group members include: Carl Brett, Lina Zhou, Trevor Scott, Shan Shan Ou, Fergus Young (Myself and who ended up being the Primary Photographer),

Campsites we stayed at…

  • Poukaria
  • Mangapapa
  • Mangawaiiti
  • Ngaporo

Visit the official DOC website for more info regard the Whanganui Journey.


One thought on “Whanganui Journey

  1. Finally have a laptop and wifi to see the pictures.
    Looks awesome…jealous human here.
    Btw Fergie need to wear that shirt and hat more often. He looks like Chinese farmers lols

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