Melbourne + Dandenong Snippets

24th May 2016 – Melbourne City and Suburban Dandenong snaps taken in between times during a work trip


Travel tip.  Buses around Dandenong cease around 9:30 p.m. Learned this when the Pakenham line trained ran behind schedule and ended up missing the last bus connection by 5 minutes.  Ended up having to walk the 4.2 km back to my Hotal (Atura Dandenong, 5-17 Doveton Avenue) dodging various drunks and people high on something, sometimes along sections of unlit arterials. Was later informed by local residents that walking alone at night (as I had done) was not a good idea at all.

Other observations:

  • People are generally friendly enough if you ask them for help / directions.
  • Melbourne Free to Air Television is not even worth looking at.  If your accommodation provider does not have any sort of pay TV access, don’t even bother turning the Television on.


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