Puhinui Reserve

24th September 2016 – Short mid-day stroll around Puhinui Reserve in between errands.

Well formed gravel paths all around most of the park, the southern quarter of the park is where it is quite boggy.

Much of the park is set up for Dressage as evidenced in the photo gallery.

There is a pipeline bridge which leads to a dead end.

Like Ambury Park, this reserve is flat.

Park doesn’t appear to be hugely frequented, may because it’s far away from the residential areas.  Except a for a pair of dog walkers who did a short loop (and then came out) and a car load of young people loitering in the car park (whom I doubt actually entered the reserve itself), I was the only human in the park for the majority of the time.

Be careful regarding getting in and out of Prices Road.  The road intersection with Puhinui Road is on a blind corner.

Auckland council: Information about Puhinui Reserve


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