Pararaha Stream Day Walk

5th November 2016 – Did a spontaneous walk along Pararaha. Weather conditions were showery for the first part initially while I was walking down Buck Taylor track, but later cleared up to be a beautiful find day once I commenced the Pararaha Stream (after the Pararaha Campsite)

Negotiating the Log Jam was a little bit daunting after getting through the logs and trying to get yourself over a moderately sloping section of rock.  While this rock was pretty gripy, I was concerned that I was going to slide off and fall down between the logs.

While it is possible to avoid going waist deep by going above and over the cliffs, sometimes found it easier to simply put everything in my dry bag and wade / swim a few of the sections

My hiking boots has seen better days, there is not much grip on them anymore and I feel that having a bit more grip would have helped me greatly.

The valley in general seems a lot more beautiful than what I remembered it was when I did this trail 5 years ago.


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