Dukono Volcano Indonesia

30th July 2017 to 1st August 2017 – Part one of our week long Indonesia expedition: Trek to visit Dukono, an Actively erupting volcano situated in the Island of Halmahera in the Indonesian region of North Maluku. From Tobelo, drove through Roku and then turned up a side road.  We set up camp in a flat area about ~2km from the Crater. Lava bombs were seen being tossed out the crater, possibly up to 800m above the peak.  Next morning, we climbed further got within about 1.2 km’s of the crater before heading back down to the start point.

Matt Davison’s video on Youtube of our Dukono Trip

See also photos from Komodo and Kelimutu

More detailed trip notes to come and will be posted to KAHA

2 thoughts on “Dukono Volcano Indonesia

    1. For me, the trek up to Dukono was quite new, it was the first time that I saw an actively erupting volcano up close.
      “Halmahera Tours” I believe is the guide we used to help get us up to Dukono.

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