Mount Yasur Active Volcano, Tanna Island

1st April 2018 to 3rd of April 2018 – Two night trip to Mount Yasur on Tanna Island, Republic of Vanuatu. Plane trip on Air Vanuatu from Port Vila Bauer Field Airport to White Grass Airport, where we were picked up by Taxi Utes to take us to our accommodation across rough unformed roads through the ash plains to the Eastern Side of the Island. Staying at Yasur View Lodge (host “Thomas”). Meals provided with the breakfasts being included in the accommodation price.

If doing the standard visits, the company, Entani Company Ltd. which controls access to Mount Yasur charges an Entry price of 9750 VT for first visit, 6500 VT for second visit with the 3rd visit Free. Local land owners of the mountain who also supply the guides and truck transport reported only get a small amount back.


Apart from any up and coming work trips, I’m going dial back a little from traveling for a while, so the volume of trip photos will likely drop accordingly (Not that it really matters as such)

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