Kaitarakihi Coromandel Ranges

19th April 2019 – A walk up to the top of Kaitarakihi in the Coromandel Ranges. Part 1 of 3 of a Coromandel (Re-)Exploration trip

Start of track is hard to find along Kopu Hikuai Road (State highway 25a). If approaching from the Western side (from Auckland), recommend driving over the saddle (crest) to the signposted Look out point, turn left into the Look out point car park to make a U-turn around and head back West. The parking area will be at the Slow Vehicle bay (Parking area directly to the left of the Slow Vehicle bay). From there, after parking up the car, you should be able to spot the DoC sign perched high up off of the road across the other side of the road. The track starts towards the right of it.

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