Walk to Mount Fyffe Summit, Kaikoura Ranges

3rd September 2019 – A day hike up a 4WD track to Mount Fyffe Summit and back. About 1400m elevation gain. Around 7 Hours in total, 6 hours walking with about 1 hour of breaks.

Having arrived at the car park quite late in the morning at just before 11 a.m (after driving from Hamner springs), wasn’t originally planning to walk right to the top and was just intending to get to the first look out point, however, thought I was making good time so decided to aim for the hut (1100m) and then the summit (1602m).

The last leg after the hut to the summit was predominantly blanketed in snow (as the track was on the southern / shaded side) and made walking up it a little challenging.

Weather was partly overcast on the way up with the Kaikoura ranges mostly blanketed in low lying cloud. The summit itself was clear upon my arrival, however, very quickly whited out in the space of 5 minutes. As I started descending down from the Summit, the Low lying cloud began to clear up and took the opportunity to take a few snaps of the Kaikoura peninsula.

Part of an Extension of my Christchurch trip (to attend the NZ Shareholders’ AGM and Conference) including a road trip to climb Mount Isobel and drive the Lewis Pass.

Mount Fyffe Hut includes 8 bunk beds. Bring standard $5.00 hut tickets if planning to stay overnight.

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