Central Rail Link Walk the Tunnel + Rose Garden Festival

Sunday 17th November 2019 – A chance to walk a short portion of the Central Rail Link tunnel, with a spot of Yum Char for Lunch before heading off to the Rose Garden Festival nearby in Parnell.


Thanks to CRL Ltd (Joint venture between government departments) for putting the Walk The Tunnels event on for free. Turned out to be a good day out, particularly for Families with small children. Thank you to ‘Ben’ who gave me his tickets (which he was no longer able to use)

Would like to know what was with iTicket NZ and their supposedly fail safe (booking system overload prevention) queuing system which… well… spectacularly failed for the timed released of these entry tickets. Noticed they haven’t made a statement anywhere.

2 thoughts on “Central Rail Link Walk the Tunnel + Rose Garden Festival

  1. Was only about 600m in length. If you wanted to, could walk it in about 20 minutes. I spent around 45 minutes to look at the displays and information signs.

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