Earnslaw Burn Track Explore Glenorchy

Monday 16th November 2020 – Longer Day Trip to explore the Earnslaw Burn Track



The entrance to Lovers Leap Road looks like a private farm driveway. Strongly recommend that you use GPS to find this road. The track entrance is also not particularly clear. It’s starts at a corner of Lovers Leap Road under the cover of trees.

Please be aware that the dotted path to the cave is not the entire track all the way to the Gilkison falls. You need to walk a further 5 kilometres along an unmarked tussock route to get to Gilkison falls.

The path is quite undulating. Heavier hikers will feel it more than lighter hikers, particularly on the way back.

Allow a full day from dusk to dawn to complete the entire trail with enough time to enjoy Gilkison falls. I completely ran out of puff just at the last 3 km’s back to the car due to heat exhaustion (Drank 7 litres during the trip including needing to refill from the river)

Route Map…


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