Pitt Island, The Chathams

Monday, 5th April 2021 – Day Tour to Pitt Island (flying in from Chatham island). Hosted and guided by Brent from the Flower Pot Bay Lodge. Key areas covered in the tour included… Caravan Bush – Short walks and Bird + bush experience. Flower Pot Bay Explore and Lodge (for Lunch) Waihere Bay Glory Hut […]

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Riverhead Forest Explore

2nd August 2020 – Spur of the moment trip to explore of Riverhead Forest. A pretty leisurely stroll starting from the southern end of Riverhead (southern end of Barlow Road), meandering upto the trig along blake road before looping back in an Clockwise direction via Deacon and Link Roads.   Topomap…

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Whangarei District Northern Coast

30th May 2020 to 1st June 2020 – Queens birthday Roadtrip with some friends visiting Mimiwhangata, Matapouri, Whananaki and surrounds. Weather was mixed (Saturday being the most settled with the rest of the weekend being pretty wet and grey) and consequently less photos were keepers this time.   I plan to return to this area […]

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