Stewart Island Rakiura

26th to 29th December 2016 – Rakiura / Stewart Island Trip.

Part one of two of our New Years’ tramping expedition. On the Rakiura Great Walk itself for two days from 27th to 28th December 2016.

Group members for this trip included  Matthew Davison, Brody Radford, Dan Ward (The one who did most of the organizing) and Fergus Young (myself) who completed the Rakiura Great Walk, along with Nicole Scheid and Karen Platini who came along to the Island and did a series of several day walks around Oban.

I did spot the back of two Kiwis in broad day light (whom did scamper off back into the bush as soon as I caught sight of them), though was not quick enough to snap a photo.

Weather was stormy (windy with isolated down pours) on the first day on the the trail itself, though thankfully did not stop us from seeing some great scenery.

See also photos from Humpridge Track and our “in between times”, Southland Road Tripping.

Please note: This photo album is large, and may take a while to fully load up before rendering correctly (resizing) on your device.

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