Mount Tutamoe Track + Hukatere Reserve

22nd July 2018 – Day Trip out towards the Dargaville direction to Hike up Mount Tutamoe Track and Hukatere Reserve (Both scheduled to be closed)

  • Mount Tutamoe Track: Starts from a grassy areas with a DoC Sign along Tararua Road. Walking along a commercial pine forest and later into the bush area. Muddy in places, it gradually becomes steeper and steeper on approach to Mount Tutamoe Summit. (The last 120m is Approximately on a 50-55° incline)
  • Hukatere Reserve is a 5 minute Kauri Loop walk, with the walk between the designated car parking area and the entrance to the track being longer than the track itself at 150m



About a 3 hour drive each way between Auckland and Mount Tutamoe.

One thought on “Mount Tutamoe Track + Hukatere Reserve

  1. First-rate write-up! Will be very useful for future visits…er it’s closing. How were the Kauri on Tutamoe?

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