Wires Track + Waipaheke Motorbike Track

28th July 2018 – A long day trip to under take Wires Track and back via Waipaheke Motorbike Track loop.

People typically go Anti Clockwise, up the 4WD track and then return back down Old Wires Track (north section).  We went into a clockwise direction up Old wires track, along part of the 4WD track and then up and down Waipaheke track.

Waipaheke Track is very rutted, very slippery and takes about 4 hours to complete at a good pace, probably 5 if not a fast hiker. The recommended 3 hours on the DoC sign seemed very peculiar.  If it wasn’t the poor condition of the Waipaheke, the distance alone was a lot longer than the Old Wires track

The turn stiles around the middle of Wires Road (Parked along side of road) is the start of Old Wires track.

Will look to write more detailed trip notes this coming week.

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