Northern Coromandel Ranges + Cathedral cove drop in

Easter Sunday 21st April 2019 – Part 3 of 3 Coromandel Explore. Road trip to visit the Square Kauri, Rapaura Watergardens, Waiau Falls + Kauri Grove and a drop into Cathedral cove before the sun went down.


Cathedral Cove is now packed with Tourists. Car parking during the high season in a designated area with a $5.00 shuttle bus ride (I just missed the shuttle so ended up parking on the street and walked it instead, signage indicates about a 70 min walk from the middle of Hehei Beach village to Cathedral Cove itself. Can be easily done in less than 40 minutes at a faster pace, Hehei central to the Cove). Shuttle bus runs approximately every 20-25 minutes.

Rapaura Watergardens – The gardens were quite reasonable in their own right. Ngatea Gardens in comparison was perhaps more photogenic, Had a sense of humor and the reception from the host more friendly. The Cascading Waterfall at Rapaura while Okay was perhaps not as spectacular as the many waterfalls and cascades to be found in the DoC reserves. Access to Rapaura Watergardens is $15.00 per adult. Have uploaded the most photogenic images for Rapaura.



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