Mueller Hut Track, Aoraki Mount Cook National park

2nd May 2019 – A day trek up Sealy Tarns then decided to ascent further up to Mueller Hut for Lunch along with a side trip to Mount Oliver in snow.

While trekked without Crampons, this is generally not really advised. Ended up kicking steps into the snow in order to get up and down the scree slope.  Takes about three hours in total to get up to Mueller hut.

The side trek to Mount Oliver was difficult due not many having been up previously that day. The snow was about about 1m deep in places and I kept putting my foot straight through the snow on every 3rd step. Total time for side trip about 1 and a half hours due to soft snow.

Mount Cook National park I would rate up there as one of the most spectacular areas of New Zealand on a fine day.

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